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PSA's work with companies large and small in a wide variety of industries—both for-profit and not-for-profit—provides us with a deep and practical knowledge of the demands for top-notch Leadership and effective Governance to drive the Strategic Plan and produce lasting results. Whether your business is distressed and facing a Turnaround Situation or if you're trying to establish Best Practices, PSA is staffed with seasoned consultants and business managers. We work one-on-one with our clients to diagnosis current performance and recommend areas that could be improved through training, coaching and implementing proven structures and processes that foster good Leadership, Accountability and appropriate Board Governance. PSA is also an accredited speaker with the TopBoards™ program.

PSA addresses these and other key Leadership and Governance challenges:
"What Directors Should Know about Their Company" offers specific case studies and a "how to" guide for asking the right questions and holding Management accountable without usurping the Leadership role.
"Why the Board Needs a Performance 'Scorecard' and How to Develop One" offers a practical approach for Directors that keeps the Board knowledgeable and informed about the Company, thus ensuring that the Board fulfills its Governance mandate. In a world of too many reports and too many metrics, PSA cuts through the clutter to hone in on the "Top 10 Metrics" that really inform the Board about the Company's health and its prospects going forward.
"Managing Relationships with Regulators." PSA's experience and expertise in assisting clients in regulated industries (e.g., banking and financial services) is both deep and broad. Our Governance & Leadership consulting approach focuses on typical pitfalls that trigger regulatory difficulty and how Management and Directors should organize themselves and the Governance process to work through regulatory enforcement actions.
"Board Governance Before, During and After the Sale of the Company" provides real world examples of how Board Governance should be conducted when the sale of some or all of the Company is a possible alternative to the status quo. The role of a Special Committee (why, how, when) and the pros and cons of hiring independent advisors to the Board is explored in detail.
"Determining the Board's Response to Shareholder Proposals: What Makes Sense for the Company and What Doesn't" addresses the role of a Special Litigation Committee, the charter for the Committee and guidelines for how the Board should conduct its discussions the Company's legal counsel. The role of independent advisors is also addressed.

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