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The future is neither predetermined nor totally predictable. This reality forms the basis of PSA’s Strategic Planning Process.
By developing a solid fact base across four dimensions—financial, markets and customers, internal processes and the company’s governance and talent pool—PSA begins the Strategic Planning Process on firm footing.
Through diagnostics and quantitative and qualitative assessments, PSA guides our clients to develop a series of viable Strategic Alternatives and a portfolio of Action and Contingency Plans that provide the flexibility needed to ensure success whatever the future holds.
PSA works with our clients to develop Flexible Tactics and sound Performance Management. The client is then able to make real-time decisions that keep the company on course and ahead of the competition.
For a global Fortune 1000 client, PSA designed a new governance process, completed a management assessment, restructured work processes and controls and orchestrated a merger—all strategies designed to remediate serious problems cited by the company’s regulators
"I don't want to overlook the important role that PSA played in crafting the changes we're making. Over the years since you helped us refocus our strategy we've achieved major improvements in our performance and we're still raising the bar on our expectations. PSA gave us a significant prod and the support we needed."

--CEO, Regional Services Company