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PSA Strategic Planning Process is custom-tailored using a multi-phased approach designed to meet the unique needs of each client.
Phase 1, the Assessment Phase, begins with baseline diagnostics incorporating PSA’s quantitative and qualitative analyses to assess how the organization has operated historically and how it is performing today.
Phase 2, the Decision Phase, identifies viable Strategic Alternatives for the company’s future. PSA facilitates and guides the debate and discussions using the fact base developed in Phase 1. Doing so ensures that viable options are developed which can realistically and reliably Improve Performance.
Phase 3, Documenting the Strategic Plan, is a rigorous process where PSA works with the client to develop and codify the Plan at a level of detail that can guide day-to-day tactical operations over the course of the Planning Period (typically, three years).
Phase 4, Communicating the Strategic Plan, is a critical phase designed to ensure buy-in and accountability for achieving the Plan’s goals and objectives. PSA works with our clients to craft the message for each internal and external audience by developing the tactical Communications Plan.
Phase 5, Implementation, is the longest of the PSA Strategic Planning Process phases. Each quarter and each year, each decision, every sale, etc.--all are the tasks that comprise Implementation.
  • PSA assists Senior Management and Business Unit Managers in formulating their respective divisional or departmental strategic and tactical plans
  • PSA designs and implements Performance Management systems and processes
  • PSA is often asked to provide assistance in refining Executive Compensation Plans as well as other Talent Strategies that incorporate the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan.
PSA looks deeply and objectively at financial performance, sales and marketing results, the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and technology, risk management, the achievements of the company’s talent and how the management and governance processes work.
PSA guides the company through a fact-based assessment of Strengths that can be built on, Weaknesses that must be overcome or at least ameliorated, Risks that lurk and must be mitigated to the extent possible, and Opportunities that are yet to be exploited.
During the Assessment and the Decision Phases, PSA conducts a structured review of the Governance and Leadership of the enterprise; our recommendations are then incorporated into the Decision Phase and specific improvement goals are factored into the Strategic Plan.
The Strategic Plan is seamlessly integrated into the Operating Plan and Budget cycle.
Communicating the Strategic Plan makes a promise to customers, shareholders, employees and other constituents as to how the company intends to conduct its business and be held accountable for its results.
The Strategic Plan is a “roadmap” that drives the company; Performance Measurement is the “rear view mirror) to assess progress. Tactical Plans help the organization to change course as and when needed.